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UNI Business Ethics Solar Eclipse

The Solar Eclipse: A Shady Business

ow much do you value your eyesight? Would you be willing to trust your eyesight to a pair of "safety" spectacles retailing for…
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Donald Trump Comey Relationship

What if your boss asks you to do something you feel is unethical?

Former FBI Director James Comey recently testified before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence about his conversations with President Trump and subsequent dismissal…
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China's Credit Card Experiment

Who Gets the Credit? China’s Experiment in Credit

Although the Chinese are well-equipped with electronic gadgets, including smart phones and tablets, they buy most things with cash. They have yet to…
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Who’s in Your Wallet- America’s Extractive Industry Still Very Much Alive

America’s extractive industries, including fishing, timber, and mining, have receded in relative importance during the past century. Whenever I venture into stores, however,…
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