Craig VanSandt

Craig VanSandt was named Associate Professor and David W. Wilson Chair in Business Ethics at the University of Northern Iowa in August 2013. Dr. VanSandt has a wealth of business and higher education experience. He holds a BBA in accounting from Texas Christian University, an MBA from the University of North Carolina and a PhD in management from Virginia Tech; has worked in public accounting, real estate development, banking, sports management, and consulting; and has spent nearly two decades in the classroom developing students' critical thinking skills and helping them become engaged, productive citizens. His interests in the role business plays in society, social entrepreneurship and the ability of business to help alleviate poverty are instrumental in his leadership role in the field of business ethics. VanSandt’s experience outside of academia is one of the things that inspired him to teach business ethics. He saw first-hand how some businesses treated their employees, sacrificing human values in pursuit of increased profits, creating a passion to help business practitioners and students actively think about the consequences of their actions, how their actions affect stakeholders, and their role in the greater society.

Dr. VanSandt recognizes the central role that business and economics have, and their potential to do both great good and harm. One of his primary goals is to facilitate citizen engagement in determining future paths for developing individual and collective potential.

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