David W. Wilson Chair in Business Ethics

The David W. Wilson Chair in Business Ethics at the University of Northern Iowa was established through a gift from university alumnus and Laguna Beach, California resident, David W. Wilson, president and owner of one of the largest privately owned automotive groups in the country. Mr. Wilson graduated from UNI in 1970 with a B.A. in Philosophy. His gift helps make ethics a focus of teaching and research at UNI and helps students recognize the value of ethics as a guide to decision-making in life and business.
The holder of the Chair is the foremost expert in the college on business ethics, teaches the topic in the classroom and serves as a resource and authority on the topic for business, government and nonprofit communities in Iowa and beyond.

Objectives for the Chair include:

  • Fostering awareness, discussion, and debate about ethical practices in business
  • Educating students and the community, both at UNI and beyond, about the social and ethical issues facing business
  • Establishing UNIBusiness as Iowa's best recognized platform for business ethics and the Wilson Chair as the most prominent authority on business ethics
  • Acting as a catalyst for high quality research and debate regarding business ethics and the role of business in society
  • Enabling business to embrace an expanded role in promoting the common good