What If…?

Why call a business ethics blog "What If...?" That sounds more like a game of hypotheticals rather than a serious examination of the right thing for a business to do in a given situation. Reasonable question and precisely the point.... Unlike many moral philosophers, who take delight in debating the finer points of ethical theories, through this blog I hope to direct your attention to some of the larger ethical issues facing businesses today and tomorrow. A sort of "macro ethics" approach that will engage business, government, academic, non-profit, civic leaders to think seriously about where our societies are headed, the potential ramifications of our current policies, and how we can best shape our collective futures.

Business Ethics: There are Always Two Sides
By their very nature, ethical dilemmas have more than one justifiably "right" answer. I don't claim to have the answer to any of the questions that will appear in this blog---but I see tremendous value in asking the questions that are not being sufficiently considered in our current deliberations about the future.

What role should business play in current societies? What duties should communities impose on business? What rights and privileges should business be granted? This blog is devoted to asking those types of large-scale ethical questions to present a balanced view on the issues facing businesses and social institutions.

Please join the conversation; vigorously state your position and defend it; assail others' ideas; but do so with respect and the intention to advance the discussion.